Astro Turf Pitch - Clondrohid Astro Pitch, Macroom, Cork

track conditions

Policy and Terms & Conditions for the Use of Track and Facilities X

PLEASE NOTE: Clondrohid community recreational facilities ltd and its management expressly point out that

all persons using these facilities do so at their own risk. Users are strongly advised to seek medical advice before

undertaking exercise. Users with any known medical condition should consult with their doctor before participating

in any form of exercise.
1. All Clubs & Groups looking to use the track must make a booking in advance. Individual users should check ClondrohidAstro facebook and twitter pages for times when the track is not available to them.
2. The Club/Group/Individual will ensure that all users will enter the track area by the designated entrance and do not damage any club

property or throw litter on the grounds.
3. The Club/Group/Individual shall ensure that any Track equipment used shall be returned immediately after use.
4. Footwear: Standard runners or running shoes with needle spikes of not more than 5mm must be used (these will be checked on a

regular basis). Football boots are NOT permitted.
5. Lanes. Where multiple groups are using the track, please train in your allocated lanes; please check online or consult with the caretaker
6. Track Safety/Etiquette: Be aware of what's going on around you. If you hear someone call "TRACK!", move out of the lane, or into a
single file on the left, to allow the faster runner to come through; When starting: Look back down the lane, to see if there are runners

approaching and decide whether you will impede them by starting immediately - if in doubt, wait until they've finished or passed
> 7. Coaching/Team Talks etc: if you want to discuss how the session is going etc, please do so either at the start / finish line of 100m

straight or on the path ways. Be considerate - do NOT congregate in the lanes that are in use.
8. Direction of Running: Please run in an ANTI CLOCKWISE direction. If you warm-up/down on the track, going the opposite way to

normal, you must be more aware of other track users and you MUST give leeway to anyone going in the normal direction, no matter
9. Children Using Track; Children must be supervised and other users should be aware that children can be inattentive at times and may
10. Headphones, MP3 players etc. The use of headphones on the track is EXCEEDINGLY DANGEROUS! They MUST be removed BEFORE you

step onto the track. Anyone using headphones will be asked to remove them or leave the track.
11. Track Opening Hours: access to the track is only permitted during daylight hours or when lighting is in operation. Individuals coming

onto these facilities outsides of these times do so at their own risk and may be asked to leave.
12. Bad Weather; Please do not use the track when there is excess surface water on it or when ground conditions are dangerous.
13. Facility Users; Be aware of other users of the facility. They may not be aware of, or oblivious to, what is happening on the track. They

may wander anywhere at any time - look out for your own safety first!
14. Use of Track; Individual users may be restricted from using the track when it’s booked by a group(s). Notice of booking schedule will be

posted online in advance. There may be a lane policy in place when the track is busy / quiet. There will be a nominal charge when track

floodlights are in operation, so please check with caretaker before using the track.
15. The Management Committee shall not be liable in any way for the loss of property or injury sustained by any person using the track and

other associated facilities.
16. The Club/Group/Individual shall ensure that all those using the track shall comply with further or special instructions, directions or

restrictions issued by or behalf of the track Management Committee. This may have implications for certain events, which may take

place during training times.
17. The Club/Group/Individual shall ensure that no Javelin, Discus or Hammers to be thrown without permission and qualified supervision.
18. The hirers and users of all facilities will be responsible for all personal injuries, loss, or damage to the property or other damage of

whatsoever nature caused to the hirers or members of the club/organisation/group, their licensees or invitees or members of the public

or their property while on the premises and grounds. The hirers hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Clondrohid Community

Recreational Facilities Ltd t/a Clondrohid Astro and all those acting on behalf of Clondrohid Astro in respect of all such claims. Hirers are

encouraged to arrange their own “Personal Accident Insurance” through their own insurers.
19. Decisions; Management decisions on admission, allocation, use, operation, or closure of the facility is final